We are Twirlbound, a small entertainment game development studio based in Breda, The Netherlands.

Although we’re small, we have the ambition of creating high-end colorful action adventure games, and we are dedicated to master their creation.

Our nimble team consists of around 15 people, while always working with some recurring collaborators for audio and more to bring our games to the standard they deserve.


Twirlbound was founded on the 6th of August 2013 by high school friends Marc Peyré and Matthijs van de Laar while they were both in game dev school, studying for a bachelor’s degree in programming and design & production respectively. During this time, they dabbled in the art and business of game development, while looking for more partners in crime to hit the ground running with their company after graduation.

With Pine as their last school project and first commercial project, they continued development on their ambitious open world title, all the while they reached out to a few more ex-classmates who had now gotten some important AAA experience on their portfolios.

The 7 of Twirlbound were finally ready to launch their now award-winning open world title in October 2019 to great success. The team knew that the genre and technical challenge of action adventure games is what they wanted to become good at, and they started development on their second title soon after.