About Us

This is Twirlbound, an indpendent game and web development studio based in Breda, The Netherlands. We create games you love to play and we love to make, next to beautiful websites with lots of unique systems.

Twirlbound was founded on August 6, 2013. Before that, Marc and Matthijs (the two founders) had spent 3 years developing websites and games, knowing that that would be their future. Now, they both study International Game Architecture and Development in Breda, constantly working on games and a more beautiful world wide web.

After starting their study, Marc and Matthijs discovered that there are three major parts of a game: design, code and art. The latter was still missing - hence Timo was asked to the team. Nobody knows who else the future will bring.

Who are we talking about?

Marc Peyré

Programming god, ready to take on any assignment, no matter how hard. 20 years old. Loves to learn, plays the guitar, likes gameplay and graphics programming, but actually all programming. He codes Bounce and all the websites fueled by Bounce.

Matthijs van de Laar

Designer by heart and he also takes care of the business-side of Twirlbound. 19 years old. Creates concepts, loves both game and web design. Also creates some music and 2D art for games. He designs all websites and the graphics that accompany the code.

Timo van Hugten

Art hero, drawing and modelling anything you can imagine. Works parttime on several games, where he takes care of all the art. 20 years old. Currently mostly working on With the Wind. Timo does not get involved with the websites but puts his whole mind into creating beautiful games.